Four months and a half ago, our intern Daili Hernández arrived from the city of Miami (about 5 million inhabitants) to Navaleno, Soria (789 inhabitants) a little village surrounded by an amazing landscape. She wanted to learn about mushrooms and other local products… and she truly was in the best place! During these months she has been learning at La Lobita Restaurant from Chef Elena Lucas. She is one of the few Michelin starred women in Spain that runs a family restaurant that was set up by her parents. Her philosophy is to get the best of the local products and Soria has really amazing products to give. During this time Daily has worked not only with the different type of mushrooms but also with the famous black truffles or the amazing meats of this area of Spain. e-spain is really proud of her great job and we know this will be a life experience that will help her personally and professionally in the near future. We want to thank also chef Jose Casals who always does a great job teaching these future chefs.